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Aggregate Managers

Are software components which are used to manage virtualized servers and network resources that are available for experimenters.


An Open SDN Controller that works with physical and virtual switches that utilize the OpenFlow protocol. Floodlight is Apache-licensed and Java-based.


Is a set of rules that describes part of the passing traffic (packet flows).


FlowVisor is a special purpose OpenFlow controller that acts as a transparent proxy between OpenFlow switches and multiple OpenFlow controllers, creating “slices” of network resources and delegating control of each slice to a different controller.


The local tesbed resources hosted by an institution is nicknamed as "island". The FIBRE testbed is a federation of autonomous "islands".


NOX is the first OpenFlow controller that attracted a whole lot of researchers around itself and achieved to have a wide acceptance. NOX is written in C++.


OpenFlow is an open standard interface for remotely controlling the forwarding tables in network switches, routers, and access points. The protocol enables researchers to create more secure default-off networks, wireless networks with smooth handoffs, scalable data center networks, host mobility, etc.


"On-Demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System" is a software system developed by ESnet, to schedule circuit creation and resource reservation with bandwidth, time and VLAN constraints on high-speed science networks.


POX is a Python-based OpenFlow controller. POX calls itself as the younger sibling of NOX. Almost all OpenFlow newcomers are directed to either POX or Floodlight.


The Slice Federation Architecture (SFA) defines the minimal set of interfaces and data types that permits a federation of slice-based network components to inter operate.


A slice represents a set of resources to be used in an experiment.

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